Monday, March 30, 2015

Sixteenth Australian TrailRider announced - Cradle Mountain

Last March the four of us (Ros, Jo, Rodney and me) went down to Tasmania and, together with a TrailRider, visited Cradle Mountain and talked to the folk there. They went right ahead and purchased a TrailRider principally with mountain rescue in mind.

Click on the picture to visit the ste
Since then they have been busy rescuing people from the nearby rugged tracks. Between four and six leg-wounded-walkers have been rescued so far and by my calculations the chair has been paid for two or three times over. No helicopters, no huge - andvulnerbale - teams with stretchers.

Now the TrailRider is going to be made available to disabled park visitors.

The hire details are in the Directory.


  1. How absolutely wonderful.! And yet another photo to add to your (our) collection.
    I wonder if by pleading with Joanne and Rodney, we could go back to Cradle Mountain, hire the TrailRider and go on a bigger hike!
    I'm proud of you, Dr Stratton. xx

    1. I like the sound of that! "TrailRiders even work in the rain"....

  2. A great achievement!
    This project would be worth an Australian Story episode!
    These could easily be made available in all parks which had a visitors' centre to house them. (And rescue crews should have access to them also.) Helen Esmond

    1. I think Australian Story would be a turning point in terms of awareness and visibility which, ultimately, is what's needed. Both for the uptake of chairs and for potential riders to think about taking the plunge.
      There is a link on their site where you can suggest a story and, one of these days, I might even break down and post about it. It seems though as if that might prejudice them against this story.


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