Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Two world firsts in Daylesford

Signs at critical points along the track. Don't try to  ascend into
the sky here!
30 people today gathered in Daylesford today for the official launch of the 5km Cornish Hill track.

This track has been surveyed and signposted by the Year 12 students at Daylesford Secondary College. The designation and signage of a TrailRider specific track is, we believe,a world first.

The signs, shown in the picture, were based on a beachside TrailRider photo found on the Internet. This means that the rider is me. Careful study leads us to think that the front sherpa is John Kenwright with Josh Hart at the back.

The youngest sherpa team ever - Years 9 & 10 from Daylesford
Secondary College
The second world first is in the other photo - the school kids learning to be sherpas. Rodney Brooke, sherpa king and teacher extraordinaire taught the six year 9 and 10 kids how to do it and I was competently and energetically guided the entire 5 km by the youngest team of sherpas ever.

This feels like the tip of a very big iceberg - namely the introduction of the TrailRider into school curricula and associated contact with the disabled wherever there is a TrailRider.
Huge thanks go to Brendan Murray, schoolteacher and Cornish Hill aficionado and to Fiona  Robson from Hepburn Health who pulled it all together and continues to champion the TrailRider in Daylesford.

Photos by Genevieve Barlow


  1. What fantastic news, Dave. Keep up the great work!

    1. You would have liked it Chris. I hope one day you can be part of a TrailRider event. There's nothing happening yet in Queensland!

  2. Yes, truly wonderful. No doubt the makers of trailriders will market this idea with the trailriders elsewhere in the world so this initiative will go worldwide. We are so proud of what you are doing Dave and Ros - and Rodney of course!

    1. I am very touched that you were thinking of being there. The walk (roll) would have been just right
      How amazing is Rodney!

  3. Keep up the great work, are amazing.

  4. It was a wonderful day. Brendan Murray's love of the bush and the trails around Daylesford was palpable. And once more Parks Victoria was right there front and centre in the guise of John Kenwright and Tanya. And Fiona Robson, Rural AccessWorker from Hepburn Health Services (my old work place xx) is as energetic and as enthusiastic as ever! What a good woman. Having the tourist info centre people there too (Julie) - and Hepburn Shire Council rep (Kathleen Brannigan) and was the cherry on the cake. And as Dave said, the young sherpas were AWESOME! Thanks for being there and taking the photos...and writing a story... Genevieve Barlow xx

    1. Thank you for giving all those other credits so well. It was indeed a beautifully organised day and all we had to do was show up on time! Thank you my darling for being so much part of it


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