Saturday, April 4, 2015

Advocate advocates

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TrailRiders are a good idea but they become a better and better idea as more and more potential riders and sherpas become aware of them. That is what publicity, in an increasingly noisy space, is all about and the traditional printed, often local, press remains a vital way to get attention.

The Dayelsford Advocate (now the title makes sense!) has published a beautiful article about the Cornish Hill Track launch a couple of weeks ago.
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  1. What a remarkable story. So many people to congratulate, but most of all Dave for such steadfast determination to make Trailriders such a normal part of the life of Parks.

  2. Thanks Kathy but in Daylesford I have not done that much -they have well and truly run with if.
    My next big wish for them is that they get support from outside to set up a thorough-going sherpa volunteer program.
    The only one so far is in the Grampians and there it is spearheaded by Conservation Volunteers Australia. They are giving serious thought to supporting other locations.


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