Friday, April 24, 2015

Sherpa Volunteer Training #3

Class of 2015 with kangaroos
Last Saturday Parks Victoria held their third SVP training session in Halls Gap. That is what all the media exposure in the last few posts was leading up to.

Eight new potential sherpas were there - all can be seen in the group photograph here along with the kangaroos.

What was most exciting was the fact that only two of those eight came from the nearby community. Three folk from Ballarat were there, which is some sense the beginning of an SVP there, along with three from Melbourne who had heard me give out Caitlyn's number on the ABC.

Further to that Caitlyn took quite a number of calls from people who could not make it to Halls Gap that day.
A walk in the park
I would add to that the continued momentum toward a High School/TrailRider connection. 16 year old Matt was there with his Mum setting out to make being a sherpa part of his community volunteer curriculum. In the radio interview with George McEncroe I just happened to have picked 16 as a threshold age for sherpas.

My vision is of Halls Gap, with its fantastic facilities and range of trails steaming ahead as a location for training people to participate in a series of programs gathered around each TrailRider.

My prediction is that those programs will be in some sense auspiced by Conservation Volunteers Australia who employ Caitlyn and that Ballarat/Daylesford will be the next location.

Hats off to John Kenwright for another splendidly organised session and also to Caitlyn O'Reilly for her part as the volunteer co-ordinator in the Grampians.

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