Sunday, May 10, 2015

40,000 pageviews!

Pageviews are the meat and potatoes of the blog world. Thank you, dear readers, for bringing me to this new milestone . With this kind of number under my belt I am beginning to feel I can hold my head higher in the "blogocracy" (my word to describe people with big blogs)

Naturally I have been checking a lot recently to spot the roll over. I remember that kind of odometer watching from my driving days. My blog is set to not count my views so I haven't been secretly boosting the count.

The latest ten thousand has taken four and a half months and stimulates my curiosity about what leads people to read TrT. Blogspot offers me some background as we can see here. 

I find the map of the world interesting. The tinge in Peru corresponds to some people I know about for example.

The list of top traffic sources tells me that Google search and the TrT Facebook page are top feeders but also that a lot of views of pages are from within the blog.

What is missing is any personal stories. What made you come here? Are you in the disability sector - professionally or personally? Are you a lover of the bush?

Leave me comment - however brief or anonymous. I'd love to know. -


  1. Hi David,
    Its terrific to see that you have 40,003 page views. I follow the blog with interest as The Surf Coast Shire partnered with Parks and John Kenwright to secure a TrailRider almost two years ago. We have many people requesting about the beach wheelchair options we have down here. The TrailRider has been booked out a few times however I think the greatest barrier is that we dont provide sherpers. Id be interested in any suggestions on promoting the TrailRider in the Surf Coast Shire. An add exists on the Surf Coast Walk maps so this may assist. Cheers and happy trailing. Kerri Deague

  2. Hi Kerri

    The situation in Torquay is exactly why so much emphasis now is being placed on the development of sherpa volunteer programs.

    An SVP (the first) has been established by John Kenwright and the universal volunteer issues of police checks, registration, insurance etc are being handled there by Cailin who is employed by Conservation Volunteers Australia.

    The second SVP has begun to emerge in Canberra and has so far been a little stuck with ACT CVA issues.

    I was lucky enough to meet Colin Jackson, the CEO of CVA, at the World Parks Congress and he very clearly endorsed an up-coming national CVA strategy that would be supportive of SVP's throughout the country.

    This is being teased out as we speak and I anticipate the first result will be a Ballarat/Daylesford SVP.

    These are communities where on-the-ground support and interest in being a sherpa is already very strong and where they might even be inclined to go it alone but, as I'm sure you will agree, the bigger picture solution would be better.

    I have painted a picture here of two "SVP-ready" towns and an emerging national framework

    Where does Torquay seem to be at?

    Feel free to email me at if you'd rather chat less publicly



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