Saturday, November 28, 2015

National Disability Awards - Canberra 2015

Alan Tudge (Assistant Minister for Social Services), Bradley Fauteux (CEO
Parks Victoria) and John Kenwright (Access and Inclusion Coordinator)
Parks Victoria has just won the National Disability Award for Excellence in Community Accessibility. This is an enormous tribute to the Health Parks Healthy People program which has launched Parks Victoria to a position of world leadership in this field. 

That was so clear at the World Parks Congress last year when PV hosted the world in a stream on this theme.

TrailRider is a part of this but just one part. John Kenwright, Access and Inclusion Coordinator, has driven this. In 2010, when Ros and I first showed photos of the TrailRider to PV, John was the one who bought the first two. HPHP had been going for a couple of years then. I frequently ask him what portion of his week is devoted to the TrailRider and says about a fifth. That is a token of how much else is going on.

The photo shows him with Bradley Fauteux, the new CEO of PV (from Canada just like the TrailRider) and Alan Tudge, the Assistant Minister for Social Services.


  1. Enormous and heartfelt congratulations to John Kenwright, Tanya Smith, David Roberts, David Stratton and Parks Victoria.
    This award was so very well deserved!
    I'm immensely proud to be a (small but enthusiastic) part of the Parks Victoria team.

    1. Not so small. Caring aside, you have been so much part of this. Teams rule!

  2. Well done to all and Congratulations to ParksVic on the deserved recognition. Their active support and drive is a positive example of what can be achieved by agencies for, and within, their communities. Bernie 28Nov

  3. Oh wow! Such great news, and so wonderful for this and such great people to be recognised for their inspiring work:) yay!

  4. Thanks David and others for your congrats! Receiving this award has been a huge honour for Parks Victoria and its staff. It is a great reminder of how important the access initiatives undertaken in our parks are for people with a disability. Receiving this award will inspire our park staff to continue their great work in making parks more accessible for everyone!
    David Stratton was instrumental in Parks Victoria in obtaining the 2015 Disability Award. The TrailRider program in our parks is one of our key programs that enables visitors with disability to get out and connect with nature!
    David, with the support of Ros has tireless campaigned for TrailRider chairs to be available in parks across Victoria and in other parks accross Australia. Well done David and Ros! It truly has been a great team effort!
    John Kenwright - Parks Victoria


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