Saturday, December 19, 2015

50,000 - 4,000 - 200

Page views over the life of the blog
It is with great pride that I announce the, strangely synchronous, occurrence of these three milestones.

50,000 page views on the blog

For a while now I have felt that I can begin to hold my head up in the blogocracy. Dear departed Denis' My Unwelcome Stranger has over 600,000 but that is royalty, not aristocracy.

As the picture shows there has been a drop off in the last year but I have been posting less often after all the immense excitement of the World Parks Congress.

I am still fascinated by the small proportion of comment though. 430 to date but half of that is my replies. So a ratio of one write for every 250 reads. Blogs (or mine anyway) are not chatty places.

4000 views of Wild Places

When Parks Victoria commissioned Storyscape to make a short video about the TrailRider I could not have imagined what a pleasure that would be. The interweaving of pictures, a short video and the original music is a work of art from Pip and Zoe. The title was their choice picked from the words of my narration.

We are looking forward to their next production where the focus will be on the broader reach of Healthy Parks, Healthy People.

200 Likes on the TrailRider Tales Facebook Page

Page Likes are the meat and potatoes of the Facebook world. Pages are themselves Public but to Like you must join Facebook.

What I find fascinating about Facebook is the way that  it has lowered the threshold for engagement of some type. This might be as little as clicking Like on a post but may extend to commenting or sharing the post within your own circles. The Facebook stats do not distinguish between these but fully 50% of the people that click on each post (to view the blog post) also engage in some way. Remember the equivalent figure for the blog was less than one half of one percent!


  1. Congratulations, David Stratton!
    Your commitment to national parks. Parks Victoria, to the TrailRider and to people living with disabilities having access to wild and beautiful places, is prodigious.
    You do it all whilst living with the late stages of having MS, and having multiple disabilities.
    I'm immensely proud of you.
    Thank you from all of us who are the beneficiaries of your generous to commitment to this blog. xx

  2. Thank you. You make it possible - by being my Care Partner and being my henchwoman in this adventure

  3. Thank you. You make it possible - by being my Care Partner and being my henchwoman in this adventure


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