Friday, December 18, 2015

Bonjour Bradley

Imagine my surprise when Bradley Fauteux, the new CEO of Parks Victoria, came on the radio the other day. I was so surprised I had to phone and say hello.

I don't think he knew who Dave from Newstead was but he mentioned the TrailRider.

The caller after me was upset by a Canadian hire but for me that simply confirmed how Parks Victoria, with Healthy Parks, Healthy People is leading the world in this respect and therefore hired from the world stage.

The World Park Congress last year was where we saw the reality of this. I felt this most keenly in the huge and glowing wrap up for the Healthy Parks, Healthy People stream.


  1. Hi Dave, I listened with great interest to Bradley. I have a feeling that great things will come during his tenure.

    1. He sounds good eh? (that was quite a Canadian thing to say)
      It is very interesting to note that in Vancouver, where the TrailRider was invented, there is little out no official Parks involvement. It all about volunteer Sherpas. Here it is the exact opposite.
      We need to get some in Queensland then you can have a try as a Sherpa!

    2. "He sounds good,aye?" - is the Kiwi equivalent. There are quite a few parks around, but some distance from me. We visited this one last year: - lovely place to be. If you want to see pristine rain forest, this is it.

  2. I heard the end of the interview, so I didn't hear you and I didn't hear about the Trailrider. I assumed Trailrider would feature, however, with a Canadian CEO!

    1. Did this link here work for you?
      I too like the Canada connection


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