Monday, January 18, 2016

Profiling John Kenwright

The recent National Disability Award to Parks Victoria has really focussed attention of the Healthy Parks, Healthy People program that so sets Parks Victoria apart from the rest of the world. That program has been around since Ros and I first took Canadian TrailRider photos to David Roberts in the Grampians and the sharp end of that has been John Kenwright whom I speak of often here.

The Sydney Morning Herald has had the sense to interview John in depth and it make fascinating reading.

He is a modest man and felt this put too much of the focus on him and I disagreed. Bringing the TrailRider to Australia has been, in a certain way, a bit of a "walk in the park" and the ease, and the success we have seen have been absolutely because of Parks Victoria, Healthy Parks, Healthy People and John Kenwright.

Click on the picture to read the article.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Parks Victoria rolls on

The old chair and the new. Mount Bishop (Wild Places) in the
background. Photo by Elise Kinsella, ABC
This is an unusual post because it's not about the TrailRider. If you have watched Wild Places you will have seen my delight in being back in the ocean, on Norman Beach at Wilsons Prom, courtesy of the special beach wheelchair.

Judeland Anthony, paraplegic shows what can be done
Photo by :Elise Kinsella ABC
Excited though I was I could only indulge (like the TrailRider) if someone was willing to push me. Now that has been fixed. Bradley Fauteux, CEO of Parks Victoria, unveiled a new self propelled beach wheelchair. The foreshore, where the sand is wet and smooth, is the ideal place to let rip on an appropriate chair.

The event was covered well by the ABC and I owe to them, and to Facebook, my awareness of it and the photos here.

I sense John Kenwright's work behind the scenes here.