Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Getting out there

I am pretty convinced that the main impediment to TrailRiders being simply everywhere is people knowing about them. Awareness. My business card features the classic Boronia Peak picture that Ros took and I delight in silently handing this to people and watching their jaw drop - "Is this for real?" sums up their reaction.
That is one part of my awareness survey work. The other reaction is the growing number who say "I've seen this somewhere"
Shifting the balance between these two reactions is where it's at. I'll do anything, media and publicity wise to help that shift but I am not alone. Parks Victoria media are hard at it too and I suspect are behind the latest article in the national Caravan and Camping with Kids magazine.

There is a tantalising reference in the article to an event at the YMCA Recreation Camp. I want to know more!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Click on the picture to read the article
This is the Japanese word - forest bathing - for what lies behind the TrailRider and Healthy Parks, Healthy People. Why do the wild places that a TrailRider will travel to make a difference? Why was Medicare Private one of the main sponsors of the HPHP stream at the World Parks Congress? The answer we all intuitively feel is that "forest bathing" heightens mental and physical health.

The Australian Conversation website has just written about new research that backs up this supposition with scientific research into beneficial bacteria, plant-derived essential oils and negatively-charged ions. If that sounds as if the physical is being preferenced over the mental checkout a linked article that discusses the growing attention to the gut and the relation to feeling good.