Wednesday, March 30, 2016

TrailRider in NZ?

Merle in one of the off-road wheelchairs being tested
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I have been looking across the Tasman for some years now. I looked even harder when Ros walk the Milford Track, on the South Island, a few years ago. The tales she told of magnificent, unspoilt wilderness screamed TrailRider. Perhaps, I thought, I need to track down a contact in New Zealand.

I have been spared the effort. The New Zealand Department of Conservation (Te Papa Atawbai) is trialling a number of chairs and this press release tells the story well.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

At the Arboretum

One of Australia's treasures, located in Canberra, is the national Arboretum. The terrible 2003 bush fires in Canberra left a large area, within sight of Parliament House, bare and burnt. The response has been the National Arboretum which extensively plants, and cherishes, a wide variety of threatened forests.

Forest 11 is the Himalayan Cedar forest and it is there, next Monday, that the TrailRider which lives at Tidbinbilla, will be on show. Volunteer sherpas will be on hand so why not give it a try? Phone 02-6205-1233 to book a spot.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thank you David Petty

David Petty was the rear sherpa in this award winning 2011 Melbourne Age photo
For me one of the best parts of any major venture is the wonderful new people that come into my life.

David Petty is one of them.

Since the earliest TrailRider days David has been the media voice of Parks Victoria.

As Parks' Manager of Communications and Media he has been tireless in his attention to spreading the word about the TrailRider. The 2011 Creswick gig (photo above) was his baby - resulting in a half page in the Melbourne Age.

Time and time again at public TrailRider gatherings Ros and I have had the opportunity to delight in his company and infectious enthusiasm.

Finally, the daily commute from Ocean Grove to the centre of Melbourne got the better of him and his new job with media and community outreach for the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (GORCC). In his new job he will "inherit" two TrailRiders so we will certainly stay in touch.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Get to know me better

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The blog is a creature in my life that I turn to from time to time - mostly when something significant has happened in TraiRider land. I don my TrailRider Advocate hat and that is really how you know me - maybe you don't really want to know any more.

Then along came Ben Harding, author of the Doo Doo Podcast where he tries to make sense of all the interesting people he comes across. The name of the podcast would appear to emphasise what the subject does but, as Ben and I chatted, and then listening more recently, I found myself pondering my life in a way that seldom happens. I'd be honoured if you listened.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

MS eNewsletter article

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My personal disability is Multiple Sclerosis which is why I have a particular soft spot for the MS Society Naturally enough they track developments in the disability field and not-so-naturally I failed to pick up this article about the Disability Awards last December.

Behind this lapse of attention on my part lies the question of how to pick up on stuff. Parks Victoria do a very good job - they pay a media scanning firm and most of my tips come from them, via Tanya Smith (thanks Tanya!)  If you, dear reader, come accross something please do let me know via the email link on the front page of the blog.

You can read the article by clicking on the picture.

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