Thursday, April 28, 2016

Encore bonjour Bradley (Hello again Bradley)

You and I will have to stop meeting like this Mr Fauteaux! ;-)

Bradley Fauteaux, the now not new CEO of Parks Victoria, was the guest of Hilary Harper on ABC Melbourne on Saturday.

They chatted for 20 minutes and took calls.

My personal highlights were:

  • They planned to repeat this every six weeks or so. This is a wonderful idea in terms of bringing our beautiful Parks to the front of people's minds. Especially on a Saturday morning.
    Thank you Bradley for donating your time.

  • Hillary recalled the time we spoke on air - almost five years ago. Her mentioning me satisfied my ego ;-) and made me think of a reunion

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Click the pic to view the site
This is not a TrailRider post - if you want more TrailRider news wait for the next post.

It more asking the question How do you feel about Google?

This post left me feeling good. They have donated $20m to a variety of highly innovative, world-shattering projects. All pushing towards the same goal as the TrailRider. Making it more and more possible for the disabled to function well in the broader world.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Monday at the Arboretum

Amongst the Himalayan Cedars. Arboretum CEO Steven
Allegria is the front right Sherpa
The TrailRider Tryout at the Arboretum yesterday was a great success.

Altogether eight different riders came and had a go.

The Sherpas though were significant. Arboretum CEO Steven Allegria had a try and saw, at first hand, how a TrailRider could enhance access.

Keith Hart, blue cap, at the rear controls.
Is that you at the back as well Graham?
Other sherpas of note were Keith Hart, Ros' brother, who did almost all the responsible rear sherpa work and Graham Scully who has masterminded so much of what has happened in Canberra. His words will end this post.

It was heart warming to see the happiness on peoples faces as they travelled in and around a forest, some for the very first time. One client, a young woman with high dependency needs, very much wanted a second ride. Another sent this message in an email: "Thank you so much for the enjoyable ride today I really did enjoy it, l felt like a celebrity with all the photos taken of the outing.Thank you for organising it, it really does make a difference to ones day when people help others achieve the things they take for granted. Regards Elizabeth"