Wednesday, July 6, 2016

They did it so right - Win News excels

A new experience for all of us today - being behind the scenes in a one and half minute Win News story.

Thanks first to, aptly named, cameraman Cable who took five takes of one shot - you will see the TrailRider passing behind the presenter.

And then there was her - Alyson who researched and interview to perfection. Thank you for sticking with us.

Then there was our team. Ros, Flynn, Joanne and Rodney. 

None of this could have happened without you four. Thank you again and again.

And then there were Corey, Ryley and Alexander - visiting with their mum. Rodney just happened to say hi to and who joined in, as you will see, and have assured futures as shrpas.

Last, but not least, there was Noel, from ParksVictoria, Castlemaine who just happened to be in the Garfield Wheel park and was seeing the TrailRider in action. One in Castlemaine next?

Australia Channel 10 - Central Victoria - 6pm tonight - on the news!

Garfield Wheel at Chewton - mic, camera, action
Tune in tonight if you're in range for a spot of coverage in the campaign for submissions to the 2017-2020 Victoria State Disability Plan

We filmed and interviewed at Garfield Wheel, Chewton where Parks Victoria have a small (?) "property"

The camera operator was called Cable, for gods sake - nothing like a name to match your job.

Ros, Flynn, Joanne and Rodney made it possible and I'll post the video a soon as I can.

One extra highlight (NB Tanya Smith from Parks Victoria) was meeting Norm who is in the background wearing his green Healthy Parks, Healthy People gear and making sure that tree does not fall over!