Thursday, October 13, 2016

How many TrailRiders in Australia now?

I, of all people, should know but, as I've said in the previous post I have been a bit disconnected lately and coming back into the world I think it about time for a stock take.

The majority of Australian TrailRiders are in Victoria, courtesy of Parks Victoria and John Kenwright and, at the last count, there were 14 that were publicly announced and available to use. At that stage there were plans for more that I was privy to but not yet to be included in the "official count"

At that stage there were also one in the ACT, one in Tasmania, three in NSW and one in WA so that, at the last count, meant 20 which is the number I've been using loosely for a while.


  1. Hi David,

    I've been making sporadic enquiries towards realising QLD's first TrailRider. It is very difficult to find anyone with the responsibility/purview to assist.

    It falls somewhere between the gaps of QPWS, Disability Services, Accessibility and "Innovation" - the latter being the government's latest catch cry for speaking volumes without saying anything.

    I've been rather distracted myself by life's little diversions, but I will keep chipping away at whomever I can get to listen.



  2. Steven Hunter in Canada says there are 25 TrailRiders in Australia - and that we are the only country which has a Government (the Vic State gov't via Parks Vic) backing this TrailRider vision to get disabled people into beautiful natural places.


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