Saturday, November 26, 2016

Healthy Parks, Healthy People - the long awaited films

Last October we all spent the day in the Grampians filming for some short movies extolling the Parks Victoria Healthy Parks, Healthy People program about which we have spoken about so often here. The idea that park health and human health are so closely linked and that this should be organisationally welded into a state park body is one in which Parks Victoria leads the world as we saw at the World Parks Congress in 2014.

Those films have finally been made public. The craft and care involved is one reason. The abrupt departure of the PV CEO was the other. The two that involve the TrailRider are here and the whole set are at a location that still eludes me. I will post when I know!


  1. David and Ros. . . . .The films are wonderful. Small bursts of warmth, joy and wonder. The freedom of being out there, no one excluded. . . . . .Sally Scott.

  2. Gorgeous films. Gorgeous film stars. It's great that the parks people are doing so much to make parks inclusive. And you have to be congratulated for a lot of that.
    Lots of love,


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