Monday, November 28, 2016

Learning to be lazy

Profoundly disabled and profoundly in love
with Ros and with life
Over the years I have probably not been straight with you about the extent of my disability. Clearly I can't walk - why else would I be so passionate about the TrailRider - but the reality is that I am very profoundly disabled.  None of what has come to pass, from the very first outing on the TrailRider in Vancouver in 2009 to the present day reality of 20 Australian TrailRiders would have been possible without Ros.

That is why it is so appropriate that the Kookaburra Award from Parks Victoria is to Dr David Stratton and Ms Ros Hart and also why I am so shameless in urging you all to vote before November 30th for the Peoples Choice award.

Learning to be lazy is what I am finally understanding will make life more bearable for the one on whom I depend so utterly. There will be less, of everything.


  1. There'll not be less of anything...Not if I can help it....xx

  2. and I am always at the other end of my mobile :-)


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