Saturday, December 17, 2016

Merry Christmas from TrailRider Tales

Yes I know I'm early but it just feels like the right moment. There's much more to share as I catch up on my downtime but I'll try and keep to one post a day.

I have two presents for you. The hay bale sculptures are to be found just outside Newstead on the Maryborough road. They are a whimsical delight and now (thanks to Ros) are now the Cover photo on the Newstead Community Facebook Page - see below.

Santa in a TraiilRider? Two years ago, courtesy of Kriss Ellis, from his Shire's Christmas gathering.

While I'm here I talked one of my dearest, oldest friends through leaving a comment yesterday and realised how difficult Google make it. I'll try and do something about that. Thank you Tony and consider this a reminder to watch Wild Places

If you are a Facie, here is a chance to Like the Newstead Community Facebook page:

1 comment:

  1. Of course Santa needs a TrailRider! After so many years leaping up and down chimneys he must be very old and frail. All he needs now are some magical reindeer to be his Sherpas!
    Merry Christmas everyone!


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