Friday, December 16, 2016

My very own TrailRider

My very  own TrailRider
Photo: Ros Hart
I recently turned 65 - I am now "officially" retired. For my birthday Ros presented me with a motorised TrailRider of my very own. It was not a surprise because it was an extraordinarily tricky exercise with much support and help from Rodney, Munro Engineering and John Kenwright. Importing, we have learnt, is not an easy thing.

So Newstead beware! I will be out there, luring sherpas for walks down the main street, up Mount Alexander, along the river etc etc etc!

Connor, in the foreground here, was on his first day's work as a sherpa, sorry ranger, and grew up in Vancouver. He has met Sam Sullivan, inventor of the TrailRider. FWIW he speaks fluent Mandarin - this is something I really rate.


  1. Here's my email, Dave. Good talking to you.

  2. I'll sign you up to get an email each time there's a new post

  3. I'm so sorry it has taken so many years to get you your own TrailRider. We should have worked that out a long time ago! Couldn't have done it without The King of TrailRider Sherpas, Rodney Brooke! Thanks Rod. You are a champion.
    Happy 65th birthday, Dave! xx

  4. Happy Trails to you! Nothing like having a good set of wheels - you'll have fun. Lots of love to you and Ros and the Newstead Sherpas - Virginia and Dave

    1. "Set of wheels" is a phrase I love though, in this case, it should probably be "Set of wheel"

      I can't wait to get out there


    2. wheel or wheels -it feels the same. Have fun!


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