Saturday, March 4, 2017

Taking delivery

The Ute in the shadows on the left and the vines looking their
very best - not to mention Rodney and my TrailRider
Yesterday I took delivery of my very own TrailRider. Rodney came over in his Ute (that's what we call a flat bed truck in Australia) and gave me my long-awaited 65th birthday present. 

He had been working away to resolve a slight problem that was most likely brought about by folk who worked on motorising it.

I saw a TrailRider being set up from scratch for the very first time and also had the opportunity to study the rear in some detail. I ended up with a clear understanding of the problem he had been grappling with.
Rear view of the motorised TrailRider. Do
you see how the wheel is displaced a little
to the left?

The slight shift of the wheel towards the left of the chair was causing a metal pin to gouge into the tyre.

Now I hope to go out around Newstead and show off my new toy. Josh (third son) is looking after me. Can a single sherpa safely operate a TrailRider?



  2. Wow! Great news, Dave. Looking forward to your thoughts on how it all goes :-)


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