Sunday, July 23, 2017

A blast from the past

This was my post five years ago and so much has changed (including the Lysterfield TrailRider moving to Yarra Ranges Of course you can pick it up there and take it to Lysterfield)

This is what was said in September 2012

Lysterfield Park in Melbourne saw the official launch of another Parks Victoria Trail Rider and the Wild Places DVD.

Brad Battin and John Kenwright
show off the chair
The event was opened by Brad Battin, State member for Gembrook.

The chair is available from the TrailMix cafe at the park.

Several exciting ideas came to the fore:

  • A volunteer sherpa program of some kind was discussed. A way that riders who did not have the right kind of family or friends could still go out there
  • The Oxfam walk - in a TrailRider in 2013. Brad even offered to push!


  1. Hello David,

    I attempted to contact you through another TrailRider site but Neil Fahey tells me the email link he has for you is no longer valid. Basically, our Rotary club (at the base of the Blue Mtns) is considering acquiring a TrailRider for veterans who have lost legs in conflict, for people of all ages who have disabilities and for those who have lost their mobility through age. Of course, there are the naysayers and I would like to touch bases with you about how to overcome opposition.

    Paul Jeffress

  2. Paul - hi
    Give me a call on 0428310825 or email at


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