Monday, September 11, 2017

Guest post from Kate Hood

Once again this is not about the TrailRider. Instead we are paying attention to theatre, theatre that casts disabled actors as readily as able bodied ones - what I choose to call cripple blind casting.

Following on with the cripple word that is really only alright for a disabled person to use (who has reclaimed the word nigger or queer?) Kate Hood has founded a production company named Raspberry Ripple which is Cockney rhyming slang for cripple. 

The mandate of RR is to propel actors, of all abilities, toward the stage. Not least Kate, who like me, is wheelchair bound.

Again we see a way that the world is shifting its axis toward that of the disabled. TrailRider, public housing, theatre. All on the same page.

The recording is Kate's open audition for the Bell Shakespeare Company and it was a rendition of To be or not to be 

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

An up"lift"ing tale (not)

Elena Gorodeskti - click to hear her interviewed
This post has nothing to do with the TrailRider but is simply my way of bragging about my relative, George Deutsch's efforts and, along the way, pass on an amusing tale that shows how far we have come regarding a world that accepts disability.

George went to record this interview to the Melbourne public housing apartment of  Elena Gorodestki who is one of the few survivors of the Babi Yar massacre in which the Nazis shot more than 33,000 Jews in a single day. Listen.

Elena lives far up the tower block. There is a lift to her apartment. But only from the third floor!

The sixties designers of the building did not want to seem to be favouring tenants there over those in the three storey blocks who, of course, had no lifts. Go figure.

Read the Sunday Age article here

Read the Limelight review of the concert here

If you are reading from outside Australia I'd be interested to know if the ABC link works .

Saturday, September 9, 2017

ABC Lateline for Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Slowly, surely, the message is getting out there about disability not holding you back from life in all its glory. We have spoken here before about Julie Jones and HWWT (Have Wheelchair Will Travel) - incidentally now at 12,242 Likes on Facebook.

This Lateline segment about HWWT, which includes a snippet of BJ in a TrailRider, is a sign of the word spreading.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

YVR Rocks

If you have dabbled in the airline world you might recognise YVR as the three letter code for Vancouver International Airport. YVR rocks because of their partnership with BCMOS (British Columbia Mobile Opportunity Society) to provide accessible hiking experiences to everyone.

The Vancouver Airport people have gone above and beyond in supporting and sustaining the Mobile Opportunity Society including the production of this video.

Monday, September 4, 2017

TrailRider track grading

Click to view the Guide
A couple of years ago Parks Victoria had their first try at grading track difficulty specifically for TrailRider use. 

Since then they have worked hard on refining that scheme, culminating in the publication of the Grampians All abilities Walking Track TrailRider Guide.

This guide includes (page 10) a more refined grading scheme that is pictured below.

You can read it there (a picture of the page in the guide) or you can download the guide and scroll to page 10.

The guide is a particular tribute to the sustained efforts of ranger, Matt White, at the Grampians.