Sunday, September 10, 2017

An up"lift"ing tale (not)

Elena Gorodeskti - click to hear her interviewed
This post has nothing to do with the TrailRider but is simply my way of bragging about my relative, George Deutsch's efforts and, along the way, pass on an amusing tale that shows how far we have come regarding a world that accepts disability.

George went to record this interview to the Melbourne public housing apartment of  Elena Gorodestki who is one of the few survivors of the Babi Yar massacre in which the Nazis shot more than 33,000 Jews in a single day. Listen.

Elena lives far up the tower block. There is a lift to her apartment. But only from the third floor!

The sixties designers of the building did not want to seem to be favouring tenants there over those in the three storey blocks who, of course, had no lifts. Go figure.

Read the Sunday Age article here

Read the Limelight review of the concert here

If you are reading from outside Australia I'd be interested to know if the ABC link works .


  1. HiDave. Thanks for posting this but let me correct a coupe of slight misunderstandings.

    Firstly, of course, Rachael Kohn recorded the interview with Elena. I had the enormous privilege of being there and later, to be interviewed myself.

    Secondly, we believe that Elena is probably the only survivor of the horrendous WWII Babi Yar massacres in Kiev living in Melbourne. There were only 29 registered survivors in all, so efficient was there Nazi murdering machine, but some are surely alive elsewhere.

    Now about the lifts. Some years ago,they were thankfully extended to the ground floor. But yes, because standard housing commission apartment buildings were four stories.high and had no lifts, the powers that be in the 1960s decreed that the lifts start at level 4.

    1. Thanks for the feedback George - I have tweaked accordingly...


  2. I love you Dave and George. I'm very proud of you both xx

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  4. Wow...what stories...both the stairs to the third floor (yes, we have come a long way in 50 odd years) and to the disgusting and shameful slaughters by the nazi. Why are humans so slow? Liz


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