Sunday, October 8, 2017


"Like being rocked in the womb" Ros' first experience of
TrailRiding i the Grampians training  volunteer sherpas
This post is all about me - not.

Three times in the past year my wife, Ros, has saved my life. Twice I had seizures at home and she did CPR. That led to the decision that it was no longer safe for me to live at home. That agonising re-arrangement of our lives led to me spending almost two months in a shared Rehab ward waiting for a single room to become available in Ellery House, the high needs nursing home.

The Monday before last she saved my life for the third time. The shared ward faced North and caught the sun, the day was warm and the heating still thought it was winter. Overheated (37 degrees) I was weak as a kitten and begged Ros to rescue me. 

She spoke to all the right people, emphasising the seriousness of my plight, and the next day, magically, I was offered a room. Now I can talk to my phone, use it on Speaker and watch TV without headphones. It is great.

On Tuesday I am being set up with my own NBN (National Broadband Network) connection and I will have 50 cent Gigabytes again - $4 at the moment.


  1. Wow,what a story! So glad Ros knows all the right moves too.

    But a question for you, Dave. What is 50 cent gigabytes? Can I assume it's a typo and you meant 50 Gigabytes?

    $4 seems frightfully cheap too

    1. I mean that ¬ precisely. When the NBN is connected that's how much I will be paying for each gigabyte.

      The four dollar figure comes from Telstra by the latest offer. They trying to keep it hidden but you find it if you look

  2. Hi Dave - we are in awe of you and Ros, and how much you find myriad ways to enjoy life, despite the challenges you face every day. We are thinking of you in your new room, listening to the current goings on in the world around you. And you have a phone - can we phone you from Canada? We could establish a suitable time for you if this is possible. Perhaps Ros could send us an email with your number?....lots of love, Virginia and Dave


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