Thursday, December 28, 2017

SES adopt the one wheel approach

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John Kenwright (Parks Victoria Disability mover and shaker) has been trying to get the SES (State Emergency Services) interested in using the TrailRider to ease their load.

Nurse John (thank you!) told me yesterday that the front page of the "local rag" showed that they had got the "one wheel is better" notion as this Castlemaine SES Facebook post shows:

Last night we trained with our new Mule Litter Wheel, which is designed to carry a stretcher. It is ideal for transporting an injured person across difficult terrain, taking away the manual handling problem of carrying people in a stretcher any real distance across country

I have two questions 

  • Is this statewide and what about other States and Territories?
  • How much does a Mule Litter Wheel cost and where are they made?
Can anyone help?

It is obviously much more fit for purpose, with a stretcher, than a TrailRider would be but at least JK can cross SES off his list!

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Bored on the Board?

First, dear Reader, I should apologise for another post that is "all about me" - but, frankly, I am pumped.

A month or so ago I applied for a seat (along, I now know, with 25 others) on the Board of Castlemaine Health, the Corporate entity that represents this hospital and the Aged Care facilities - one of which is now my home and where I will grow old.

I was invited to a meeting this afternoon with the Chair of that Board and the Chair of the Corporate Medical Compliance committee to be told that I was one of those eight who had not met the requirements to be considered for the Board. My heart sank - it would be the second such failed application in three years.

Instead though, I was honoured and humbled, to be invited to sit on the Corporate Medical Compliance committee. 

I realise, and they realise, that I was never a good fit for the Board. Apart from not meeting the requirements, the legal Corporate responsibilities, and consequent focus on the finances, would have bored me.

Instead I have been offered a seat on a committee that is much more closely involved in the actual, medical, running of the organisation. This is much more my "scene". Along with the top executives in Castlemaine Health this committee seeks to ensure that, for the sake of argument, no babies die here as they have elsewhere in Victoria.

I am grateful to my sister in England who woke me, phoning, so that I could write this post but most of all to Ros, my wife, who has kept me alive to this point at the expense of her own career and who, paradoxically, dropped in a quarter of an hour before the meeting and helped me look good by shaving me (very quickly). Of course appearances do not matter but they do and mine was noted.

In terms of Aged Care it has lifted my spirits. I had been feeling, at 66, that I still had much of my career ahead of me and I had also been sensing the "there, there dear" edge of the home's estimation of a Resident's endeavours. I can hold my head high now in way that I could not before.

Need I say more?

Click pic to view the Parks Victoria Disability Action Plan
The expression on this youngster's face, in a Parks Victoria beach wheelchair says it all, I think. It was taken from the Parks Victoria Disability Action Plan which, I have to admit, I just read as John Kenwright's plans for the next few years.

John is the Access & Inclusion Coordinator at Parks Victoria and that translates into a man who spends a day a week on TrailRider matters and four, thinking about all the access matters that culminate in pictures like this.

Try searching for Kenwright on this blog to see how vital he has been.

Healthy Parks, Healthy People is the tagline that is on the shirt of every Parks Victoria employee. Click on the Like button to encourage them.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

More Advocate thoughts

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I have been talking lately with another person in England who won't be the Advocate we're looking for but might lead me onwards to one.

Writing to this person has made some things clearer to me though as this excerpt from my email indicate - I hope. I have added some links to try and make things clearer.

As I type I realise why this issue, that of Distributorship, may well explain something that has always puzzled me - the difference between the trajectory of the Canadian TR over there (BCMOS-type endeavours) and over here (Parks Victoria, World Parks Congress, IUCN - International Union for the Conservation of Nature) PV's first step was a Distributor.

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Being an "Advocate" - what's needed?

I want to convey business, that feeling that thee are just too
many things to get done.
Yesterday's post, saw me high on the feeling that someone was about to say yes to being an advocate in England and today, after the email saying no I am posting again, at least partly, to answer that person and let them know that I "get it"

The person that was considering it, though retired, was already heavily (over?) committed and that led me to recollect my first encounter with the TrailRider. In 2009 I was still working, as a computer lecturer, and I was way too busy to advocate. In the middle of 2010 both Ros and I stopped working. I, to be a bit "in your face", because even though I was teaching from a wheelchair I could no longer, safely, use the toilet. Ros, in a remarkably selfless act, could not contemplate other people caring for me with the dedication, and devotion, that she would.

It was not until September that we took Ros' pictures to the Grampians to show David Roberts, the Head Ranger. The rest, as they say, is history. The point of the story is that all this happened, providentially, at exactly the right time in my life. When I had time to devote to advocacy.

So we can refine our English Advocate quest. We are looking for someone who knows they are coming to the end of their working life and is wondering how they might occupy themselves. I might add that being disabled myself has also, strangely, helped. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

A TrailRider Advocate in England?

Yes., there's high country in England
Having been born in England, and having got the idea of what is often called there Rambling in Skye, a Scottish island I have often dreamed of the TrailRider taking off in the UK the way it has in Australia.

This is my baby, if you like. While Ros and John Kenwright pay attention to Australia, only I and TraiilRider Tales pay attention to other countries. 

The idea of this post came from my friend Bronwyn, who I had lunch with today, and to whom I enthused at finally feeling that I was making headway in my quest for a TrailRider Advocate in England.

If you are reading this and think "ah blah-blah might be into that" do not be deterred, by my optimism, in running this by blah-blah and inviting them to watch Wild Places, read some past posts and get in touch