Saturday, December 2, 2017

Being an "Advocate" - what's needed?

I want to convey business, that feeling that thee are just too
many things to get done.
Yesterday's post, saw me high on the feeling that someone was about to say yes to being an advocate in England and today, after the email saying no I am posting again, at least partly, to answer that person and let them know that I "get it"

The person that was considering it, though retired, was already heavily (over?) committed and that led me to recollect my first encounter with the TrailRider. In 2009 I was still working, as a computer lecturer, and I was way too busy to advocate. In the middle of 2010 both Ros and I stopped working. I, to be a bit "in your face", because even though I was teaching from a wheelchair I could no longer, safely, use the toilet. Ros, in a remarkably selfless act, could not contemplate other people caring for me with the dedication, and devotion, that she would.

It was not until September that we took Ros' pictures to the Grampians to show David Roberts, the Head Ranger. The rest, as they say, is history. The point of the story is that all this happened, providentially, at exactly the right time in my life. When I had time to devote to advocacy.

So we can refine our English Advocate quest. We are looking for someone who knows they are coming to the end of their working life and is wondering how they might occupy themselves. I might add that being disabled myself has also, strangely, helped. 

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