Thursday, December 28, 2017

SES adopt the one wheel approach

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John Kenwright (Parks Victoria Disability mover and shaker) has been trying to get the SES (State Emergency Services) interested in using the TrailRider to ease their load.

Nurse John (thank you!) told me yesterday that the front page of the "local rag" showed that they had got the "one wheel is better" notion as this Castlemaine SES Facebook post shows:

Last night we trained with our new Mule Litter Wheel, which is designed to carry a stretcher. It is ideal for transporting an injured person across difficult terrain, taking away the manual handling problem of carrying people in a stretcher any real distance across country

I have two questions 

  • Is this statewide and what about other States and Territories?
  • How much does a Mule Litter Wheel cost and where are they made?
Can anyone help?

It is obviously much more fit for purpose, with a stretcher, than a TrailRider would be but at least JK can cross SES off his list!

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  1. There seem to be two very similar litter wheels. The us made mule litter wheel costs us$1585 plus us$125 shipping. It weighs 23kg.
    Very impressive at a fraction of the cost of a trailrider. Patient must be lying down all the time. Ok for most serious injuries.

    1. I wish that the Google notification of comments worked!

      The price you mention is, indeed, impressive.


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