Sunday, March 25, 2018

BCMOS (British Columbia Mobile Opportunity Society) turns 30!

Can you believe it? 30 years (thirty) since BCMOS was established by Sam Sullivan, ex ski accident mayor of Vancouver.

This video shows the TrailRider being used to guide disabled person to the top of Grey Rock (AKA Quarry Rock) in Deep Cove, North Vancouver.  

When Ros and I lived in Vancouver this was one of our favourite outings. So much so that it one of the places I scattered some of my Dad's ashes.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Would that we had been there!

All these people I could have given TrailRider Tales business cards to! A
Networkers delight
Getting around is getting harder and going to Melbourne for morning tea seemed a bridge too far (although not for the two wheelies in the picture)

Anyway the occasion was a thank you, from Parks Victoria, to to all the different folk (just look at them!) who contributed to Healthy Parks, Healthy People winning the recent tourism award

In the words supplied to me John Kenwright, Access & Inclusion Coordinator, who has been the leader in this charge:

Parks Victoria and their Disability Sector partners got together today to celebrate the Victorian and Australian Tourism Awards that Parks Victoria won for their accessibility program in the Specialised Tourism Services category.
Parks Victoria Board member and Chair Victorian Visitor Economy Ministerial Advisory Committee,  The Hon John Pandazopoulos hosted the morning tea which saw PV staff and representatives from Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria, Amaze, All Abilities Consultative Committee Mornington Peninsula, genU Karingal St. Laurance, Scope, Austin Health, Travability and Lonely Planet come together to acknowledge the great work that has been undertaken in the last seven years as well as the two recent awards that recognise Parks Victoria as a national leader in providing nature based park experiences for all ages and abilities.  

Healthy Parks Healthy People.

There would have been a lot of chances to charm but not too much time to do it in. Next time I'll go.

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

The joys of a non-disabled TrailRider pilot

This is the delightful tale that Doug, at Bournda (also) , sent me. Over to you Doug...

The victorious kids
A short note on on unforeseen TrailRider applications. 

On a recent Year 7 camp a student had an ankle sprain. When discussing the planned 5km walk for the next day, I suggested she could use the TrailRider.
So I spoke to the students and explained the story of how it came to be at Bournda, including seeing you at the Parks congress. I framed the exercise for that day as “Sherpa training” so that in future TrailRider activities they would be familiar with what to do. These students are from Jake’s school and telling them how he covered 11km was I think inspirational.

By the next morning the students ankle was sufficiently recovered so she could walk. However, the TrailRider went as “insurance” and other students got to be the passenger as well. 

The feedback from the teachers who supervised was that the students finished the walk quicker than previous groups and with less grumbling about having to walk!

It occurs to me that the TrailRider has a motivational effect and that may be useful to use as an educational tool about mobility needs, even when there is no client that needs it. It helps the students to see how the simple act of walking in the bush is a joy that is denied to many and something to be grateful for.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Yes, yes, yes!

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Don't listen to me, listen to Bill Forrester on the Travability Blog who really lays it on the line about why my post, which directed you to the Specialised Tourism category of the Qantas Awards is on its way to being overhauled - by special becoming mainstream.

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