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Tell us and the rest of the world what you did - where you went? where you got your chair from? how many sherpas? - tell it all by posting a comment


  1. Boronia Peak

    I'll set the ball rolling by recounting our experience last year of scaling Boronia Peak in the Grampians. With hindsight this was a mistake as it was too ridiculously hard. There is a little bit of the hardest part in the Wild Places video where I get eased by my sherpas over a fallen tree!

    The background picture to this blog shows the four of them - three adult sons and a dear friend - and these sherpas worked like Trojans.

    Seeing the very edge of what is possible helps but is definitely not a recommendation.

  2. I'm writing this to thank you for your role in making a special lady's magical dream come true. We had had a friend (and Ranger) Julia visit our place some time back and she enjoyed seeing 'our' mallefowl mound (included on the offical national monitoring system) and knew Ann Stokie, long-time secretary of the Victorian Malleefowl Recovery Group who was now struggling with her health and confined to a wheelchair, would love to see a mound again.

    So our thoughts progressed to where we approached ParksVictoria to see if the chair at the Grampians could be lent to the annual VMRG training weekend at Wyperfeld National Park. Whilst Ann was a little wary and the bush at Wyperfeld was a little dense, we took the opportunity to let Ann, at her own pace, visit that mound on grid 41 where the thoughts had begun ... She was rapt and found the chair absolutely wonderful.

    I found the chair far better than anything I had imagined: Parks staff at Brambuk and the DVD set a very positive theme; the chair was far lighter than envisaged with very easy assembly and adjustments which were endless and catered for every possibility; access to and from vehicles for both transport and use was excellent; portering simple once it was realised wider than usual turns were required of the 'frontsperson' and access into the bush was pretty good.

    Thankyou David.

    1. Thanks for persisting Bernie with making a comment. It sounds just great and fantastic to hear how Parks Victoria are so supportive of use outside a park.

      It sounds as if you would be likely to make use of the one in Bacchus Marsh when it arrives. Do you know when that might be? I plan to be at the launch so we may meet!

  3. The Grampians

    One beautiful day recently I was offered the chance to go to the Grampians and try out the Trailrider for the first time. It was a fairly short notice thing, because my friend Dave had his son staying and another friend, Rodney, had offered to be sherpa no. 2. I have had many conversations with Dave about the trailrider, and have followed with interest Parks Victoria installing Trailriders in various national parks within Victoria. So I was really keen to try it out. What a wonderful experience! Being a wheelchair user, I am very used to being excluded from things I used to do as an able-bodied person - I never thought I would be able to engage with nature as if I were a bush walker again. For me, to be able to get up close to indigenous plants, sit and watch kangaroos in their native habitat, see lizards flitting through the bush and breathe the beautiful air was a remarkable experience, and took me straight back to a time when I had the ability to wander freely. I will definitely be doing this again! I felt utterly safe and secure at all times and 2 sherpas seemed fine. Thank you Dave for getting this up and running. We wheelies really need to take advantage of this!

    Kate Hood

  4. Thanks for the comment Kate. It was a great day and the lizard that I saw was remarkable.

    Thanks too to Sam and Rodney - two competent and generous sherpas.

  5. Hi David.

    Congratulations on your endeavours to bring the Trail Rider to Victoria and your inspirational video.

    Just letting you know that my students and I at Daylesford Secondary College and the Moorabool and Hepburn Shires, have collaborated on preparing a Trail Rider map for the wonderful Cornish Hill area in Daylesford. The map is at draft stage at the moment but should be available in the near future. I will be pleased to let you know when all is in readiness. You might like to give it a try.

    Hello to Ros.

    All the best.

    Brendan Murray
    Daylesford Secondary College

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  7. Thankyou to David and Ros for having me as a Sherpa it was really a wonderful experience for me I will tell everyone about this experience I hope to see u next year
    thankyou to all the other people that help
    all the best
    Brandon Voigt
    Daylesford Secondary College

    1. Hi Brandon - you, and the rest of the gang, were great! It is fantastic that we are introducing more folk, and especially younger folk to th pleasures of sherparing - and of course riding. If you get a chance I seriously recommend it!

  8. David,
    It was absolutely amazing learning to sherpa for you! The whole experience was very eye opening, and truly inspiring. I feel very lucky to have taken part in this, and think it would be a great idea to incorporate activities like these in the school curriculum. As a student, I love interactive learning, and learning to sherpa for you was very rewarding. It was great to hear your stories, and I felt privileged to share the day with you. Thank you to Ros, yourself and the rest of the team for making the day so pleasant. It was great to meet you all, and I hope to see you again.
    Ceilidh Wratten, Daylesford Secondary College.


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