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8/2/19 For L - Joseph Needham

2/12/18 For everyone - the crowdfunding the crowdfunding for the Dr Dave books is finally
 going live - on the eve of The International Day for Persons with Disabilities. It is at

11/11/18 For G "The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade" usually shortened to Marat/Sade - full movie at

15/9/18 For C (corrected links!) - 1969 Battle of Britain movie - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

11/8/18 For J - a repost. Use Ocrelizumab as your search term. Tell me how it goes please. The MS Research Blog

7/6/18 For J. The MS Research Blog

4/6/18 Sorry Sonya, the Mongolian restaurant in Darwin is no more!

13/5/18 Gideon is a film, lent to me by nurse Helen, that is about being a young person in an Aged Care. It spoke to me and will to you. The only part that was not true to my life was the film manager of the home is a dragon which Sue is not.

29/4/18 Meet my boss! If you say How nice for you I will feel insulted. My last boss, eight years ago was older than me and male. Boss Alison and I both have a lot to work out.

5/4/18 Maudie (Google Play $5.99), that Ros recommended last night, and that I watched this morning takes you to Nova Scotia in Canada from the twenties to the sixties and tells the real life story of artist Maud Lewis It speaks of the timeless lot of women and of a man struggling to come out of the, matching, lot of men. The man has a card -Looking for a housemaid. Must have own cleaning equipment - written for him in the twenties

24/3/18 This is for the nurse who said she was fascinated by the Bermuda Triangle but couldn't find a good documentary. The first thing I found was a horror film but that was not what she wanted. There were no documentaries. Why not? Perhaps because, as Wikipedia says, "The Bermuda a ... region in ... North Atlantic Ocean, where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances"

23/3/18 Friday night at The Theatre Royal for Pink Flloyd's, The Wall. Perhaps the most shocking film I have ever seen. I was so close to leaving. This analysis says why. At the same time, in the sweet autumn air, waiting for the show, I met Eric, had the geekiest computer conversation for a long time and also discussed Mesenchymal (umbilical cord) Stem Cells, which I  am now beginning to understand thanks to daughter Jo. This video, an interview with lay person Mel Gibson and cell biologist Dr Neil Riorden tells more. So does his book - thanks Eric.

22/3/18 The morning after Accreditation. My delight was the quick interview with assessor Carmel and thus the chance to say how well Ellery is working for me. Thank you to all involved in my care.

21/3/18 For Craig I have permission from a friend who teaches pottery to share her details

13/3/18 Telling a story of what it's like having Advanced MS. Marc has it worse than me, is smarter and more famous than me, but a strikingly similar trajectory.

11/3/18 For Fiona, who has also suffered a loss, the free and everlasting (provided by an English charity since 2006) online tribute site

11/3/18 Yesterday I visited Newstead. Ros invited me to a delicious lunch and then we went down to the Newstead Arts Open launch. 12 Open Studios in Newstead (here's a map) and as many people there as Castlemaine the night before but, on a sadder note, the other Newstead number is 5 - deaths this week. Ellery's share was Joan, Ros and I share Nick Hudson and neighbour, Robbie.

10/3/18 This one is for Bec, who brings tea (often) and it is about the launch, yesterday evening, of Arts Open at Lot 19. Lot 19 is an interesting challenge for me, personally, because it is 10km from Ellery and it was still hot outside when things kicked off. An ironing visitor that I mulled this over with led me to the notion of an $8 taxi ride - cool, almost immediately, under the trees out there. Travelling back, lights ablaze and all the way on the cycle track, was delightful temperature-wise but, perhaps more importantly, in my heart.

26/2/18 If I wrote a Smartphone App it would be called Feeding Fussy Friends. The free version would keep track, in your Contacts, of exactly which things a person can't eat. The Pro version ($1.99!) would use an online menu service to help you plan a dinner party for the vegetarian that you want to introduce to the onion-intolerant one. Then again you could send them both a link to Victoria's story, the woman featured in last week's ABC Catalyst. Her diet was, of dreadful necessity, drastically restricted and analysis of her gut biome began to open the doors for her.

25/2/18 For Chewton Bruce of the Bellwethers - Robyn Annear being  interviewed by Jan Wositzky

25/2/18 This speech, in London, sums up the hope that is in the air, research-wise, around advanced MS, such as mine or Stephen's. If you want to drill down further read about PNS and CNS axons.

23/2/18 Off to the movies. To see The Shape of Water, nominated for this year's Oscars. A divine recommendation from Daniel and essentially a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. An archetype indeed.
23/2/18 For Daniel - The Inclusive Towns blog

21/2/18 And then there was Catalyst on ABC - Victoria's Story talks about the extraordinary, emerging science around the gut biome and its connection with mental matters. If you know folk who believe they have to eat very cautiously this is for them. It also explains why I eat so few of the meals in Ellery.

21/2/18 For Susan, Ros and Sally. Proof ($3.79 from OzFlix) is a 1991 film starring Hugo Weaving (Priscilla, Babe) and a young Russel Crowe (his third-ever film). It is about a blind photographer who takes photos and gets people to describe them to him so that he has proof of things that have happened.

19/2/18 Off to work for the second training session. Up at 5:30 am. Read about the Inclusive Towns Project to see what I'm raving about. Also the new blog

16/2/18 Amanda said she left her Samsung phone somewhere - fortunately they let her know they'd found it. Google lets you find your phone - but, what's more, your iPhone too. Yes, I know that Apple can do that but that needs iCloud and that costs money and even confuses me!

14/2/18 Yay! My first response - thanks Bri and you get a GOLD STAR. Bri left a link for an iPhone 10/Pixel 2 comparison for those that want to stay bang up to date. The thing about the Pixel 2 that excites me (and is not mentioned in the review) is that when you take a picture the phone actually takes 5 very quickly and then combines them to an optimal effect. This, and the fact that Google will safely store all your photos ever (I can show you how to do this on an iPhone too!) sells me on a Pixel 2

5/2/18 I suppose the highlight of my first day at work was Jeremy the Dud, a twenty minute YouTube that makes the point about Inclusion by portraying a world where not having a disability makes you stand out and....

2/2/18 For Craig - The proximity fuse. My dad's invention. At the very least he was part of the team.

2/2/18 The reason that I'm so excited is my shiny new job. Thank you, everyone, for making it possible.

1/2/18 Nurse Claire, when she brought me an extra blanket in the night, spotted the new-month date on my bedside clock. I wrote about that yesterday. And, do you know what she said? Not A pinch and punch but Rabbits today lady. I said I would do some Googling but this phrase, in quotes, had zero hits. "First of the month sayings" scored better (8,960,000) and the first of those was Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits which was British schoolyard rhyming in 1909, according to Wikipedia. If Claire's grandma said Rabbits today lady to her mum was it her great grandma who played with the schoolyard rhyme? The average donation that supports Wikipedia is $14. Do it!

31/1/18 For nurses Julie and Linda - eBay link for the $40 bedside lamp that I have that shows the temperature, time and date in the night.

29/1/18 Talking to Pete Sullivan, when he drops by, is one of the highpoints of my life. These are just a few of the things we referenced - Mozart in the Jungle - sex, drugs and Classical Music and Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Pete has some things for us too which I hope he'll leave as a comment.

28/1/18 For Nurse Marion. She and I were talking about evolution. There is a fascinating notion of the unexpected, chance fusion of a single bacteria cell with a single archaea cell at some point around 3 billion years into evolution. This spark of life gave rise to the eukaryote, the more complex cell which became the key to the, short, 500 million years of evolution that gave rise to us. On the Wikipedia Archae page look for the section on Relation to eukaryotes. There is lot of stuff there that I don't understand but, watching my daughter Jo, morph from an exercise scientist into a cell biologist, taught me the knack of reading on regardless.

27/1/18 Nurse Donna shares a quirk - that I didn't know I had - for making little schoolyard rhymes. The only way have been moved for the last three years is a sling and hoist. The sling has two "between the legs" straps and two "behind the back" straps and a green cloth seat.

25/1/18 With Dan, an old time workmate, from Vancouver days. At the TapRoom and wanting to tell him about PlotaRoute

25/1/18 One of those night-nurse chats with Yvonne - night nurses are rushed too, but slightly less so. We talked about innovative approaches to aged care and I wanted to reference this 2016 Newstead Rocket Science session (note your uncle's garage in the distance in the blog cover photo) and this, public, Facebook page which arose. See if you can remember the new one going up in...Harcourt was it? PS Don't forget about Aunt Elsie...

18/1/18 For Sharon - Netflix - The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Topical - a "locked up" 20 something (only in the US) escapes from her harem. She is more Pollyanna than Pollyanna, or me!

18/1/18 And this is for Podiatry Di. We were talking, as she snipped, about Six Degrees of Separation. There is a 1993 film (Will Smith, Donald Sutherland, and Stockard Channing) or a 2006 TV series. There is a whole lot more to tell on Wikipedia.

15/1/18 This one is for Bri and anyone else that wonders about how the quest for an MS cure is faring -  2017: Reflections on another year in multiple sclerosis The blog is beyond excellent and one of the very few that I have signed up for email updates from. Almost every morning there is something exciting.

13/1/18 Many readers will have met Ros. What those folk will not know is how seldom she uses the word awesome. She did when she recommended The Good Fight. Where should I go? Feminist - but there are actually some good men, Colour Blind (most leads by black Americans) - but some of the main protagonists are white, Anti Trump - but one of the black lawyers voted for Trump and an important, sympathetically handled role, is an alt-right, effeminate, self-promoting pansy. Am I saying nuanced enough ways? A courtroom drama in the heritage of Perry Mason and, more recently, Suits on Netflix.

9/1/18 What computer would you recommend? A frequent question. I am a shameless devotee of The Cloud, and in particular, Google's Cloud. My recommendation, based on price, on-going security, ease of use, and battery life would be a Chromebook of some type. $260 for this one, for example.

5/1/18 Although it says Dr Dave on my door I did not in fact do a PhD or practice medicine. I did a, sadly little known, Professional Doctorate. Mine was a Doctor of Information Technology (DIT) which I was able to get accepted for based on my professional experience at the age of 45. For a nurse, that wants to put the cherished Dr in front of her/his name, the equivalent, in Melbourne, would be Doctor of Nursing (HDNR) at Monash. One third coursework, two thirds, research.

2/1/18 This is a "feel good" movie that does it (makes you feel good) without being unbelievable. Brooklyn is the early 50's story of a young Irish immigrant girl. If you are inclined to tears you'll need tissues but they will be tears of joy.

31/2/17 For Julie - three books (novels) by Graeme Simpsion, the Australian author with aspergers. 
The Rosie ProjectThe Rosie Effect and Two Steps Forward.

30/12/17 The Newstead Walks and Wheels group has been working steadily developing four proposals which are shown in the Google maps in this, two minute, survey. Even if you have made the mistake of living somewhere other than Newstead ;-) you may like the idea of somewhere safe to bike ride. One is from Newstead to Maldon on bush tracks.

30/12/17 And if you do the survey and wonder how the maps were made - we used this free, online, easy tool called Plotaroute. You can build your own library of trails or browse/search through other people's.

29/12/17 The quiet, very true-to-life and ultimately bittersweet Mike Leigh film Another YearThis links to the free trailer. You can stream the movie for $3.99 from Google Play (pause, stop, rewind, share for three days)

26/12/17 Kris Gage is a young woman I have really been listening to lately. In Read This If You Only Sort-Of Have Your Shit Together she reflects on what really matters in your principal life relationship.


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