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Photo: Ros Hart

The ultimate TR photo that shows really clearly how it works. Weight carried by the wheel. On a rough mountain track (Boronia Peak  in the Grampians) so four sherpas are needed - Rodney Brooke, Ben Hart, Flynn Hart and Josh Hart.

Photo: Tom Parkes

The first Australian TR at the Grampians. A level. well-graded track and a much less challenging sherpa task for Ros Hart and Megan Calabro.

Photo: Craig Sillitoe

Low-angle, high-impact. Yes we can go here in a TrailRider. Photo from the Age Sept 2011 aticle

Photo: Ros Hart

The original photo that brought the TrailRider to Australia. My first encounter was at Mount Cypress in Vancouver, Canada. Sherpas are my son Sam Schinke and not my son Geordie Hart

Photo: Ros Hart

Just as I was telling my crew of trainee sherpas (second Grampians SVP training session) the story of my first lizard encounter this one crossed our path

Photo: Tom Parkes (perhaps)

The ceremonial launch of the first
Australian TrailRider. From the back right
John Kenwright, David Roberts, David
Stratton, Megan (?), Ros Hart (almost last
but definitely not least) and mystery


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