Setting one up

Setting up a TrailRider in a Shire or other non-park context needs attention to all kinds of details.

This page is intended as a resource to anyone intending to go down that track - the kinds of things to think about, the location of useful resources.

The first draft of this is based on the steps detailed by Lauren Hargraves at Surf Coast Shire and shows what needed to be considered in Torquay. The emphasis is on operating within a Shire council context.

The person who has done the most towards TrailRiders in Victoria is John Kenwright at Parks Victoria. Consider letting him know what you are thinking of - he might have some ideas!

  • Purchase TrailRider from GMS Rehab 
  • Register the TrailRider with council insurance policies.
  • Complete a risk assessment – your council should have a standard template to use.
  • Determine the most appropriate location – Visitor Information Centre’s are an obvious choice, though ours didn’t have enough space, so an alternative had to be found (our Sport & Rec Centre, thankfully conveniently located next to our VIC).
  • Determine the simplest booking procedures – we simply added the TrailRider to an existing community booking system, which meant a lot of unnecessary added work was avoided.
  • Develop a Conditions of Use/Booking Form – your council will likely have a standard template that you can adapt.
  • Produce some flyers - here's one
  • Provide clear information on council website including Parks Vic instructional videos
  • Promote, promote, promote!  We started with a launch & have developed a brochure to have in our VIC’s.
  • If you have trouble accessing the internet consider making a DVD that includes the training  videos
I would naturally add the following!
  • Make sure that all material  includes the link!


  1. Hi my name is Debra Macdonald and I live in British Columbia Canada. I really like your video on the 100 km trail Walker events. We have just received funding from BC Parks and I just ordered a harness and strap for more adventurous walks. It was really nice to see the harness set up that you guys use for the100km event . I have set up a website I hope you will add it to your favorites.

  2. Looks good! I've bookmarked it.

    I used to live in the the Slocan valley and in Vancouver so I would have passed through Salmon Arm a few times.

    The Trailwalker gig was huge but almost all other people's effort which was what made it extra special for me. Did you look at the Wild Places video (front page on the blog)? It tells my personal story of bringing the TrailRider down here.

  3. PS congrats on the 10,000!! It reminds me of your 1,000 gym visit celebration we had a few years back! xox

  4. this fantastic and it would be great for people to experience the crater to coast rail located in Timboon Vic ,, As there would be access for people to travel to the trestle bridge king regards Sandra Timmins crater to coast bicycle hire and you find us on facebook

    1. Hi Sarah

      I just found your comment (for some reason blogspot has stopped telling me when there are comments)

      I'll try to find you on Facebook


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