A TrailRider expedition to Everest Base
Camp led  to this picture of  Pippa's normal
wheelchair being carried by a sherpa
Do you picture yourself as a sherpa? If you love being in the bush then how would it be to be part of helping someone be out there that couldn't otherwise.

Becoming a volunteer sherpa is first and foremost becoming a volunteer with all the usual registration, police check, ethics and so on that would apply to any volunteering. On top of that there would be some simple TrailRider training - it is not difficult. Most people are surprised on their first attempt how easy it is. 

At each TrailRider location there will, eventually be a volunteer program. As they are established they will be listed here and you might want to pick one that is geographically convenient.

If you are on Facebook then consider joining the closed group Australian Bush Sherpas  where you can privately chat with other sherpas

Sherpa Volunteer Programs

Halls Gap  - Volunteer Sherpa Program Coordinator - (03) 8427 3541.

Dandenongs - Volunteer Sherpa Program Coordinator - (03) 8427 3541.

Alternate Expression of Interest

If you'd like to express an interest in becoming a volunteer sherpa somewhere else then send us your email address. .

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