Wild Places video

This video tells the story of the TrailRider coming to Australia - from my childhood hiking days in the 1960s up to 2012


  1. David and Ros....I am blown away by this video.....putting the link up on facebook.com/CountywideCottages now!

    Cheers, Di

  2. Storyscape were a delight to work with. They turned an amazing story into something quite wonderful.

  3. Hi
    I am so excited about finding you. I too have multiple Sclerosis and haven't been able to bush walk for over 7 years.....I have missed it so much and been looking for a way to still be able to get out and about. I am hoping to do the Mt Kosciusko walk but need to find out how I can get a TrailRider so I can do it. I am hoping we can get a group of people who want to do it together. Wasn't sure were to write this so just putting it here and hoping you see it and can reply to me. My email is lfrareguard-shop@yahoo.com.au. Thought maybe you might have some ideas on how to get this to happen. Cheers

  4. How wonderfully timely Louise. My very next post is going to be about the launch of a TrailRider in Mt Beauty. The launch was on Friday and as soon as I get the details I will be posting.

    Alternatively, not knowing where you live, the chair at Tidbinbilla in Canberra may be closer.

    I'll send you an email anyway - see you on Mt Kosciusko!

    My personal dream is to get the Cradle Mountain parks people to install a chair so I can go round Dove Lake.

  5. Ah. I found your reply...think I was having a bit of a dumb day the other day. :D

    So there is one at Canberra. That is good. I will keep looking into this to see if I can make it happen.

  6. David I've only just watched this today. I'm impressed, blown away. Your enthusiasm, and excitement inspires me. I've walked in the Grampians, the 'Prom' and in Tasmania and have always truly loved the experience. Listening to your words and seeing the smiles on your face instantly reminds of the exhilaration and pleasure that I have enjoyed in those places. Your mission to spread TrailRider far and wide is wonderful. All power to you my friend.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you Chris for watching this and for what you've said. It is really clear to me though that my passion could have lead nowhere if I had not had Ros beside me every inch of the way. She even talked me, against my gut reaction, into that first ride in Canada.

      These days, at home, I sit in my chair scheming and writing emails and crafting blog posts but when we go out there, on the next TrailRider adventure the work is her's, not mine.

      Did you realise that the cine film at the beginning was my Dad's Super 8 of me in the 60's?

  7. I believe that "Wild Places" has been entered into next year's "Other Film Festival" in Melbourne?
    I love this little film auspiced by Parks Vic and made by you and Pip Chandler at Storyscape.
    I especially love seeing you as a small boy striding across the Austrian landscape - place of your Mum's birth.
    We are very fortunate.

  8. I came across the trailrider more than a year ago & I just didn't know how I was going to get access to one. Then by chance I went to the info centre at Kamay/Botany NP at Kurnell in Sydney I live nearby & a friend & I went for a drive & there by the door was the trailrider I nearly fell through the floor!! I have a severe form of CFS also known as Myalgic Encyphlomyelitis for 13 years I have struggled daily to live my life having to accept using a wheelchair & eventually a compact mobilty scooter on the good days that I can actually go out as on many days I can only lie down & nothing else. I have tried to find 'sherpas' but basically cannot convince people it is not as hard as they imagine. I have used it once when the 'accessibility officer' at the Kamay NP did a training session with the staff & I was given the opportunity to ride it. I found out that the trailrider there had been given to one family with a disabled young child to use/trial for a whole year! So even though the 'trailrider' is available it is out of reach! I sit in my unit day in day out most days at the age of 56 after 13 years of struggling & I think what am I doing here? I have tried to reach out ask for help but it seems I am not worthy!? Most days I think I would be better of dead the torture of spending most days watching TV lying down watching other people live life is too much to bear....😭

    1. Hi Astrogirl

      First it's great to get your comment. Most comments I get are spam! I do not envy your situation.

      Second it seems most inappropriate that the Kamay chair is unavailable for a year. I will look into that.

      Lastly Sherpas. If you have read though the blog (search for "volunteer") you will see how much work has gone into this in Victoria. It is the absolutely critical next step after getting the chair. It is so frustrating to be there, see the TrailRider but be unable to go out because there's no one to push. Ás you quite rightly note it is not as hard as it looks. So how to get some Sherpas in Botany Bay?

      Here's a plan:
      1) I contact the NSW Parks and make sure the chair really is available
      2) I post here on the blog asking for volunteers in Botany Bay
      3) I let you know if there are any takers

      This means you and I should be in touch via email so say hello on davidhughstratton@gmail.com or 0428319825

      I hope you see this reply!

    2. I miss typed my phone number! 0428310825


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